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STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI (rum, 151 rum, strawberry)
ORANGE CRUSH (Clementine vodka, triple sec, Fat Tues. 190 octane, sprite)
CHOCLATE MUDSLIDE (rum, amaretto, crème de cocoa, vanilla ice cream mix)
GOING BANANAS (rum, banana schnapps, banana puree, vanilla ice cream mix)
SWAMP JUICE (rum, peach schnapps, blue raspberry, sweet-n-sour, strawberry)
VODKA FREEZE (vodka, 190 proof, Tom Collins, vodka freeze)
BUBBA’S MOONSHINE (190 proof, pineapple juice, triple sec,.190 octane, sprite)
POMEGRANATE PUNCH (citrus vodka, triple sec, pomegranate, grenadine, sweet-n-sour)
GROOVY MANGO (vodka, mango schnapps, mango puree)
PEACH BELLINI (vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree, bellini mix)
PARTY STARTER (vodka,190 proof, 190 octane, peach schnapps, hurricane, peach puree)
MARGARITA (tequila, 190 proof, triple sec, margarita mix)
PINA COLADA (coconut rum, 151 rum, pina colada, vanilla ice cream mix)
SPIKED WATERMELON (rum, 151 rum, watermelon mix, triple sec)
CARIBBEAN SUNSET (coconut/151 rum, Pineapple, strawberry, pina colada, 190 octane)
HURRICANE (vodka, 190 proof, sour hurricane mix, finest call hurricane )

16 oz -$5.50  
24 oz - $7.00
  32 oz - $8.50 
44 oz - $10.50
  1 GALLON - $26


  • PEACH-A-RITA (peach bellini, margarita)
  • MANGO-RITA (groovy mango, margarita)
  • BUBBA-RITA (bubba’s moonshine, margarita)
  • DOUBLE WHAMMY (vodka freeze, party starter)
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE (bubba’s moonshine, party starter)
  • THE OTHER GIRL (peach bellini, party starter)
  • PARTY PUNCH (party starter, pomegranate punch)
  • FRUIT ROLL-UP (strawberry daiquiri, groovy mango, margarita)
  • SANGRIA SWIRL (peach bellini, bubba’s moonshine, pomegranate punch, margarita)
  • MANGO FREEZE (groovy mango, vodka freeze)
  • ALMOND JOY (chocolate mudslide, pina colada)
  • SEX ON THE BEACH (strawberry daiquiri, groovy mango, pina colada)
  • MONKEY SHINE (going bananas, chocolate mudslide)
  • BANANA SPLIT (strawberry daiquiri, going bananas, chocolate mudslide)
  • ORANGE DREAM (orange crush, peach bellini, bubba’s, groovy mango, party starter)
  • TIGER TAIL (swamp juice, bubba’s moonshine)
  • MIAMI VICE (pina colada, strawberry daiquiri)
  • STAR BURST (pomegranate punch, groovy mango)
  • SCREW DRIVER (orange crush, vodka freeze)
  • TIPSY ISLAND (Caribbean sunset, Bubba’s moonshine)
  • GROOVY SUNSET (groovy mango, Caribbean sunset)
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